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Thompson Legal LLC: A Resource For Municipalities And Government Entities

The government is not exempt from legal difficulties. Municipalities, district bodies and city councils all face legal challenges. And, despite common belief, they do not have crowds of attorneys stationed at city hall to manage these issues. Many municipal bodies require time-efficient, cost-saving outside counsel to help prevent problems that, if left unattended, could cost taxpayers millions.

At Thompson Legal LLC, we have worked with Wisconsin officials for years, advising on municipal issues and protecting municipalities in legal disputes. Danielle Thompson has represented clients in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and has even briefed the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We know Wisconsin’s legal system and understand the obligations and duties of municipal bodies. We know how to assist you with your needs.

Common Municipal Law Issues

At our firm, we assist a wide range of entities from city councils and sanitation boards to townships and water districts. Our services include:

  • Representation during ordinance prosecution
  • Assistance drafting and reviewing codes and ordinances
  • Advising on land use/development, employment, open meetings and ethics issues

We also offer defense counsel services for municipal issues such as tax assessment appeals, civil rights, employment and personal injury.

A Local Lawyer Serving Wisconsin’s Needs

At Thompson Legal LLC, we live and work in Jefferson. We are proud to serve Wisconsin communities and continue to help our neighbors grow. If you are in need of assistance with municipal issues in any form, contact our office. You can reach us by calling 920-949-0759 or by reaching out online.