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We Are Passionate About Supporting Wisconsin Businesses

As a business owner, ask yourself: Are you set up for success? Are you confident that when a legal issue arises your business will have a strong position?

Businesses depend on contracts for almost all of their functions. Getting supplies, hiring employees, even leasing space – all are based on contracts. A misstep today can mean expensive litigation and drawn-out conflicts far in the future. At Thompson Legal LLC, we work to make sure your business has the right foundations for continued growth.

How Thompson Legal LLC Guides Businesses Through Legal Issues

We strive to equip Wisconsin businesses with resilient, enforceable contracts. Throughout disputes, we assert your rights and negotiate for the best possible outcomes. We can assist you when:

  • Drafting formation documents, articles of incorporation and other foundational documents
  • Establishing buy/sell agreements
  • Creating vendor contracts and business-to-business contracts that support your work
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts, including commercial leases

The best thing you can do for your business is to work with a professional and thorough attorney who will provide high-quality services. With years of litigation experience, Danielle Thompson knows a strong contract and can negotiate fiercely for you. Your business is in good hands at Thompson Legal LLC.

Effective. Affordable. Quality.

At Thompson Legal LLC, we take pride in providing top-tier legal representation that is affordable and accessible for businesses across Wisconsin. We operate with flat-fee options and keep your bottom line at the forefront. Contact us today by calling 920-949-0759. Schedule an appointment at our Jefferson office today.